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Dhanjal Mechanical's Maintenance and Repair Services


We at Dhanjal Mechanical know how important machines are to maintaining the efficiency of your business. Our devoted crew is here to guarantee your machines run at peak efficiency through professional repair and maintenance services, whether you bought them from us or another supplier.


Maintenance and Repair Services We Do


Detailed Examination and Diagnosis: 

To find any problems impacting your devices, our knowledgeable technicians start by performing exhaustive inspections and diagnostics. This aids us in creating an exact repair strategy customized to your equipment's requirements.

Expert Repairs:

Our skilled specialists are knowledgeable in fixing various industrial equipment. From electrical systems to mechanical parts, we have the know-how to handle problems and get things working again.

Original Parts Replacement:

We only use original parts to guarantee lifespan and compatibility when new parts are required. This assures the long-term dependability of your devices' performance.

Preventive Maintenance:

Preventive maintenance is essential to averting unplanned downtime. In order to lower the likelihood of expensive failures, our preventative maintenance services are made to spot and solve possible problems early on.

Performance Optimization:

Beyond repairs, we put a lot of effort into improving the performance of your computers. We ensure that your equipment runs as efficiently as possible through tuning and changes, which increases production and lowers operating expenses.

Documentation and Reporting:

We keep thorough records of every repair and maintenance procedure, giving you transparency and knowledge about the health of your equipment. Making knowledgeable judgments regarding upcoming service requirements is aided by this documentation.