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Precise CNC Solutions by Dhanjal Mechanical


We specialize in providing precision-engineered solutions for all of your CNC (Computer Numerical Control) demands as a reputable brand in the sector. We are the perfect partner for a variety of CNC projects because of our cutting-edge facilities, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to quality.


CNC Job Works We Do


Prototyping and Testing

Our prototyping and testing services help identify and correct any issues before full-scale manufacturing, ensuring your finished product meets your needs and saves you money.

Customized Machining Services

We specialize in precision machining using sophisticated CNC capabilities to create accurate and intricate components with high-quality standards.

Components Manufacturing

Dhanjal Mechanical is your go-to manufacturing partner for CNC components. We specialize in complex housings, precise shafts, advanced gears, and custom parts. Our team ensures every component meets the highest quality and accuracy standards.

Custom CNC Machine Design and Fabrication

Our experts work with you to understand your project's needs and create CNC machine designs that exceed your expectations. We aim for maximum performance, accuracy, and efficiency from concept to production.

Comprehensive Material Expertise

Our material expertise ensures the accuracy and suitability of CNC components, resulting in better-performing and longer-lasting goods. We work with metals, polymers, and alloys to meet project demands.