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Switch Board Cutting

Size Of Punch : 20mm x 37mm (0.79" x 1.46")
Max Thickness of Sheet : 4mm (0.16")
Dimensions : 360mm x 650mm x 820mm (14.17" x 25.6" x 32.28")
Power required : 1HP/1440rpm
Weight : 120kg

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The switch board cutting machine offered by Dhanjal Mechanical is a versatile and efficient tool for precise and smooth cutting of switchboards. Designed with advanced technology, this machine ensures accurate measurements and clean edges, resulting in high-quality switchboards. It is equipped with user-friendly controls and safety features to ensure ease of operation and operator protection. Dhanjal Mechanical's switch board cutting machine is a reliable and durable solution for the electrical industry, providing excellent performance and consistent results.

The punch size of this particular machine is 20mm x 37mm (0.79" x 1.46"). It can handle sheets with a maximum thickness of 4mm (0.16"). The overall dimensions of the machine are 360mm x 650mm x 820mm (14.17" x 25.6" x 32.28"). It requires a power of 1HP/1440rpm to operate efficiently. The weight of the machine is 120kg, making it sturdy and robust for its intended applications.


Micheal Kevin

I recently purchased this punch machine and I'm impressed with its performance. The punch size is ideal for my needs, and it can handle sheets up to 4mm thick. The machine is solidly built and operates smoothly. Highly recommended.

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