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Heavy Duty Trolley

Dimensions : 1650 x 1200 mm
Capacity : 2 tonnes

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Dhanjal Mechanical offers a heavy-duty trolley designed to handle robust loads efficiently. With its sturdy construction and durable materials, this trolley provides reliable support for industrial and commercial applications. Whether you need to transport heavy equipment or bulky items, this product is built to withstand rigorous use and ensure smooth maneuverability.

The heavy-duty trolley from Dhanjal Mechanical is designed to handle demanding tasks with ease. With dimensions of 1650 x 1200 mm, it offers a spacious platform for transporting goods. Its impressive capacity of 2 tonnes ensures that it can handle heavy loads effortlessly. Whether you're in a warehouse, construction site, or any industrial setting, this trolley is built to deliver durability and reliability.


Payel Sengupta

The heavy-duty trolley from Dhanjal Mechanical is a sturdy and reliable choice for transporting heavy loads, with ample dimensions and a 2-tonne capacity. Highly recommended for industrial use.

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