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Combi Planner 13″

Surfacing capacity : 1220mm x 333mm (48" x 13.11")
Max planning width : 300mm (11.81")
Thicknessing capaciity : 100mm (3.93)"
Length of surface table : 1220mm (48")
Rebating Capacity : 12.5mm (0.49")
Length of Thickness Table : 620mm (24.4")
Min. Length of workpiece for thicknessing : 200mm (7.87")
Feeding Speed (feet per minute) : 28 feet
Cutter roller diameter : 96mm (3.78")
Number of Knives : 3 Nos
Cutter roller speed : 4500rpm
Circular saw table size : 605mm x 335mm (23.82" x 13.2")
Max Circular saw Dia. x Bore : 305mm x 25.4mm (12" x 1")
Max. depth of cut : 65mm (2.56")
Power Required : 3HP/1440rpm
Dimension (HxWxL) : 1010mm x 950mm x 1300mm (39.76" x 37.4" x 51.18")
Weight (approx.) : 210kg
Accessories : Drilling Attachment, Molding Attachment and Grinding Attachment

Solid Wood Machine


Wood Machines

Experience the pinnacle of woodworking precision with the Combi Planner 13 from Dhanjal Mechanical. This cutting-edge machine is designed to deliver impeccable results in solid wood planning. With its advanced features and robust construction, the Combi Planner 13 ensures efficient and accurate planning of various wood species and densities. Craftsmen can easily adjust cutting angles and feed speeds to achieve the desired results. Enhance your woodworking capabilities and streamline your planning processes with the Combi Planner 13.

Experience the versatility and power of the Surfacing and Thicknessing Machine from Dhanjal Mechanicals. With a surfacing capacity of 1220mm x 333mm (48" x 13.11") and a max planning width of 300mm (11.81"), this machine delivers precise and efficient planning operations. The thicknessing capacity of 100mm (3.93") allows for perfect thickness adjustment. Equipped with a 3HP/1440rpm motor and a feeding speed of 28 feet per minute, it ensures reliable and smooth material handling. With a sturdy construction and dimensions of 1010mm x 950mm x 1300mm (39.76" x 37.4" x 51.18"), it offers durability and stability. The machine also includes valuable accessories such as a drilling attachment, molding attachment, and grinding attachment, enhancing its versatility. Unlock your woodworking potential with the Surfacing and Thicknessing Machine from Dhanjal Mechanicals, where precision and reliability converge.


Martha Sargent

The Surfacing and Thicknessing Machine from Dhanjal Mechanicals exceeded my expectations. With its impressive surfacing and planning capacity, efficient thickness adjustment, and reliable motor, it's a powerhouse for woodworking. The included accessories add versatility, making it a must-have for any woodworking enthusiast or professional. Highly recommended.

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