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Circular Saw 12″

Model : D-SW-CS-12
Max Circular saw Dia. X Bore : 305 mm x 25.4 mm (12" x 1")
Max depth of cut : 95 mm (3.75")
Arbour tilt -Degree : 0° to 45°
Work table size : 603mm x 673mm (23.75" x 26.5")
Circular saw RPM : 4000 rpm
Dimension (H x W x L) : 991mm x 902mm x 952mm (36" x 28" x 31")
Power : 3 H.P./ 1440 RPM
Weight (approx.) : 100 Kg

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Wood Machines

Discover the precision and power of the 12" Circular Saw, available at Dhanjal Mechanical. This high-performance tool is designed for professionals seeking exceptional cutting accuracy and efficiency. With its robust construction and advanced features, including adjustable cutting angles and fast blade speed, the Circular Saw effortlessly tackles various materials with precision and ease. Perfect for woodworking and construction projects, this reliable saw delivers outstanding results every time.

The D-SW-CS-12 Circular Saw, offered by Dhanjal Mechanical, is a powerful and precise tool designed for professional woodworkers. With a maximum saw diameter of 305 mm (12") and a maximum depth of cut of 95 mm (3.75"), it effortlessly handles various cutting tasks. The saw's arbour tilt feature allows for bevel cuts ranging from 0° to 45°, providing versatility. The generous work table size of 603 mm x 673 mm (23.75" x 26.5") ensures stability during operations. Powered by a 3 H.P./1440 RPM motor, the saw operates at a speed of 4000 RPM, delivering efficient performance. With dimensions of 991 mm x 902 mm x 952 mm (36" x 28" x 31") and a weight of approximately 100 kg, it offers a compact yet robust design. The D-SW-CS-12 Circular Saw embodies precision, power, and durability, catering to the needs of professionals in woodworking.


Debi Mukherjee

I recently purchased the D-SW-CS-12 Circular Saw from Dhanjal Mechanical, and it has exceeded my expectations. The precision and power of this saw are outstanding. Its adjustable cutting angles and generous work table size have made my woodworking projects a breeze. The build quality is top-notch, and the motor runs smoothly at 4000 RPM. It's compact yet sturdy, allowing for easy maneuverability and stability during use. Overall, I highly recommend the D-SW-CS-12 Circular Saw for any professional woodworker looking for a reliable and high-performing tool.

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